Friday, September 2, 2016

Napoleon Bonaparte and Ferdinand Marcos Are Antonyms, Not Synonyms

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NAPOLEON Bonaparte to the French people.
    Ferdinand Marcos to the Filipino people.
    I don't think they're synonymous.

    In fact, the reason why Bonaparte is considered a hero by the French is because he finally got rid of royalism, despite bringing back the monarchy, by introducing to the world an extensive list of human and civil liberties previously deemed unfathomable in the whole of Europe, known as the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. The manifestation of this seed on consequent world tracts on civil liberties would deem Napoleon's declaration as at the pinnacle of the French Revolution's mountain of a legacy.

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    In contrast, Ferdinand Marcos, like other US-sponsored dictators in their countries, introduced royalist kleptocracy to the Philippines' republican democratic system by embedding in it limitations on, at times denials of, human and civil liberties to Man and the Citizen. The manifestations of this seed on history would be in the abuses that would act as the pinnacle of Marcos' own plutocratic and crony capitalist New Society manifesto for mass obedience, his Revolution from the Center, the black mound of a legacy of which continues to live in our hopeless day.
    So, should right-minded Filipinos deny Marcos the "hero" tag and funeral honors the Duterte government would like to proceed with if the French would not deny the same to Napoleon?
    Again, from the beginning. [S / -I]

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