Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Own "Putang Ama" and "Fuck All" Working-Class Moment On a Train

photo borrowed from http://www.rappler.com/nation/politics/elections/2016/115954-mar-roxas-wharton-degree

RODRIGO Duterte's bluff seems to have been that, a bluff, being wrong, as bluffs are. No, Mar Roxas' Wharton BS diploma looks to be for real.
Not that that finding matters to me, for I really don't give a fuck about what a dude studied in college.
I only care about what a dude knows now, especially what he doesn't seem to know. I do believe Mar Roxas knows a lot of stuff Wharton or fuck, but I also believe there are other things non-neoliberal he should know. If only he did, it'd be in his own and everybody's best interest.
And that's my advice to my fellow man on the street. Vote for the person who knows what needs to be done and how to go around doing it, for that only means that that person really knows what's going on (as reported or unreported). Conversely, don't vote for the man who hasn't demonstrated knowledge of what's really going on and would therefore not know shit on how to go about resolving it. Don't look at his diploma; diplomas are dogshit when they're all about things that aren't here or can't be here on our streets.
     (Sorry for the socialist working class language and fuck, I'm in this sardine can called the MRT 3 mess and shitbin. Is this your fucking progress, you shitheads in fucking limos?) . . .

     So, again. I don't really care whether Mar Roxas has a Wharton BS economics degree or none. I only care about the fact that his economic sense is trickle-down neoliberal and his political sense corporatocratic. I care a lot about that[S / -I]

photo borrowed from http://politics.com.ph/mar-thinks-traffic-jams-aint-a-bad-thing-heres-why/

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