Monday, April 18, 2016

On one-year warranties

My Acer Aspire E5 471G-57J6.

Short of two months after the one-year warranty expired, its motherboard conks out. For good. The motherboard. As if it's not the core processors that one should be watching to keep them from "overheating", the reason why I installed a Core Temp heat monitor and set the software's alarm at 70 degrees, even when the processors' limit can be placed at 90.

Was I just unlucky to have gotten one with a factory defect? Or should I ever trust this brand, still, at all?

Getting a replacement motherboard is only about 1-2k cheaper than getting an altogether new laptop.

Which makes me wonder why it's only 1-year warranties in the Philippines when it's 3 years for the First World countries. Dumping of surpluses policy?

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