Tuesday, August 9, 2016


cartoon borrowed from http://paxonbothhouses.blogspot.com/2014/04/is-us-really-oligarchy-as-princeton.html

1.) The Filipino oligarchy's leadership with its filial penchant for forgiving, even if only a bit, and permitting people in exile to return to their regions of wide support in exchange for the surrender of a few centavos of their stolen wealth. Along with this, the dismal performance of the Presidential Commission on Good Government in running after the Marcoses' stolen wealth in offshore accounts, not to mention the reported corruption of some appointed officials of the commission. Along with this, the oligarchies' lack of transparency with regards to the amount and whereabouts of all the recovered ill-gotten wealth from the Marcoses' haul.
2.) The Filipino oligarchy's leadership with its treatment of Philippine politics as a game wherein its leaders can nurture an anti-Marcos image, complete with TV documentaries about the Marcos era and annual anniversaries reflecting on the Marcos oppressive era of horrors, while entering into business jointures and secret political alliances with elements of the Marcos family; in the case of Mar Roxas, for instance, constantly speaking against his father's oppression under the Marcos regime even as he attends Araneta family reunion parties going through the usual beso-besos with Marcos elements of the Araneta family tree, ultimately buying stocks of Benguet Mining and other mining interests care of Philip Romualdez (son of Benjamin and whose wife is the daughter of a stalwart Noynoy Aquino campaigner and supporter) and Bongbong Marcos (whose wife is another Araneta); in the case of Noynoy Aquino funding or fanning anti-Marcos rhetoric on PTV4 and ABS-CBN care of the Lopezes even as he patches up differences with the Danding Cojuangcos and the Floirendos and other former Marcos allies to build both business and political alliances for his Liberal Party machine, one of which products would be getting back a larger influence on Hacienda Luisita stocks that would result in Kris Aquino's sitting on the board of the corporation, to mention a few such arrangements beyond our masses' knowledge.
3.) The Filipino oligarchy's leadership and its failure to govern beyond the (legalist) ways of the crony-serving Marcos era, which led to people's disillusionment with these post-Marcos governments that led in turn to a popular belief that perhaps Marcos was just a victim of black propaganda and that perhaps all that the Marcos-supporting white and grey propaganda releases have been saying all this time were probably more right than not.
4.) The Filipino oligarchy's leadership with its secret arrangements with the Marcoses in exchange for the Marcoses' entry into the free propaganda media, which entry would lead the Marcos machine to convince millions of disillusioned Filipinos of old and new generations to consider the possibility that maybe Marcos was not that bad, culminating in an almost-win for the vice-presidential candidacy of Bongbong Marcos.
5.) The Filipino oligarchy's leadership and its failure (a failure by design, some would insist) to strengthen a continuing knowledge of all the recent Philippine history of abuses and inculcating all this into the memories of both old and new students and teachers.
6.) Finally, the irony of a newly-elected President who unabashedly proclaims that he is a socialist (possibly partly true and partly false) while confessing to a close friendship with the Marcos family, and---after the elections---confessing to having been primarily funded by a Floirendo (a former Marcos ally in Mindanao) during his presidential campaign. (Incidentally, it was thanks to this Floirendo that a Duterte-Marcos 2016 tandem became the most common tandem on the presidential election posters on the walls and fences of Davao).
7.) And. oh, we almost forgot: the Filipino people's being too divided on their impression about the Marcoses, thanks to all of the above, that would now render it impossible for them to launch a revolution against all of Marcos' friends in government (if there is even such an animal as a true enemy of the Marcoses in the highest roster of government since the presidency of Ferdinand's cousin, Fidel Ramos). [S / -I]

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