Wednesday, April 26, 2017


ALL these environmentalist posts I made yesterday on Facebook, of the YouTube videos above profiling this year's Goldman Environmental Prize awardees, could perhaps together have acted (qua posts/shares) as also my way of explaining to my Facebook friends why I cannot be for the Bongbong Marcoses and the Mar Roxases and the San Miguel Corporation-backed Grace Poes of this world, and why I cannot be a loyalist of any of them, unlike some of these Facebook friends of mine. And I said I'm sorry.
    That non-partisan, anti-loyalist rationale behind those Facebook posts is perhaps also what's behind my belief that says the Duterte government's support for, on the one hand, Gina Lopez and, on the other hand, Bongbong Marcos, is really nothing more than a fragment of Rodrigo Duterte's Big Tent ploy to get contending forces everywhere within his government to fight it out. And they will continue to fight it out from within that Big Tent while he, the President, dangles to all of them bits of promises in order to keep them all within his side of the fence and still in line, so he can do whatever he wants from that secret of a soul that he has unimpeded by any real opposition, if ever there is going to be much of an opposition left in the landscape. That belief of mine continued in telling my friends that this Big Tent ploy will certainly unravel in the end, but also that the pessimist in me senses that that unraveling is not likely to happen anytime soon, despite changes in the Cabinet which were minor. So, the Bongbong Marcoses and Gina Lopezes operating within such Big Tent governments as Duterte's will continue to fight it out from within, while the Dutertes of those governments laugh all the way to the (seas') horizon to meet the oncoming realization of their utopias.
    From my point of view, those imminent utopias today are going to be our dystopias tomorrow. Our dystopias. Mine, and my friends' too, whichever loyalism now they happily belong to. [S / -I]

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