Sunday, July 3, 2016

A tiny pebble of a linguistic joke about leaving no space for hard-headed dealers of crack, stoners, etc.

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DECLARING a war on drugs and druglords is no laughing matter. However, assured now that we have a government that wants to doubly assure us that we can rest easy from worrying too much about this phenom, since the authorities are already off to taking care of that business this early in the game, maybe we can now crack a tiny joke about it too. Here goes mine, which is kind of on the linguistic side (sorry):
     My countrymen, in Bato dela Rosa's and Rody Duterte's seemingly solid war on "crack," "stoners," "meth," "ecstasy," etc., I think we ought to give Bato some space to work through those cracks in the hovels. . . . Space, yes. After all, his name means Rock ofthe Rose (note the missing space between "of" and "the").
     Not really a funny joke, I know. Unless you're a semiotician, to whom there could be a symbol there literally begging for a meaning, or a prescriptive linguist, for whom one ought to think twice about giving that Pinoy cultural linguistic flaw concerning that nobiliary particle (or prepositional particle for a non-noble toponymic name) some slack. :) [S / -I]

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